Will a Second Covid-19 Lockdown Coincide with a ‘No Deal’ Brexit?

When I last posted an article about Brexit in May I discussed how the convergence of a possible world trade organisation scenario with the EU and the Covid-19 lockdown measures would serve to exacerbate the economic strain that the UK is currently being subjected to. I argued that as the devastation brought about by the self imposed lockdown became more profound, not only would a WTO Brexit compound matters but it would also put further downward pressure on sterling and prove a harbinger for a significant spike in inflation over the coming years.

Four months on and a number of developments have since occurred. As I predicted, the transition period was not extended, meaning it will come to an end on the 31st December 2020. Shortly afterwards a cabinet office document of ‘worst case scenarios‘ was revealed that detailed what may happen should a no deal Brexit coincide with a ‘second wave‘ of Covid-19. One possibility raised was how the government could decide to deploy the military on the streets of Britain in the event of public disorder.

Earlier this month, with trade negotiations floundering, Boris Johnson announced that if a deal cannot be agreed by October 15th the UK will walk away and revert to WTO tariffs. Following on from this was his latest intervention came just days ago when he unveiled renewed Covid-19 restrictions on the population after a rise in those testing positive for the virus, just as the final rounds of Brexit negotiations are due to begin.

One aspect to pick up on here is how when addressing the nation this week, Johnson made clear that he would be prepared to authorise using the military to ‘backfill when necessary‘ should the police require more support to enforce restrictions. Johnson also told the House of Commons that he had the option to ‘draw on military support where required to free up the police.’

Johnson’s official spokesman had this to say on the matter:

This would involve the military backfilling certain duties, such as office roles and guarding protected sites, so police officers can be out enforcing the virus response.

This is not about providing any additional powers to the military, or them replacing the police in enforcement roles, and they will not be handing out fines. It is about freeing up more police officers.

So here we have both Brexit and Covid-19 being talked about as potentially escalating to the stage where the military could be called upon under the guise of helping to maintain social order.

From my perspective here’s why I think this should be taken seriously:

Before the original lockdown was implemented on March 24th, I saw first hand in my role as a supermarket worker how the usual lucid nature of shoppers rapidly gave way to palpable fear and hysteria. After weeks of wall to wall coverage on Covid-19 in the media, the threat of a national lockdown began to enter the narrative. People responded by rushing to buy up food and medical supplies. As a consequence supply chains were severely impacted with shelves lying empty for weeks on end.

This demonstrated to me one inescapable fact. As much as people claim to distrust the mainstream media, what it actually showed was just how many continue to rely on outlets like Sky, the BBC and daily newspapers in guiding their perceptions. Their relentless messaging was undoubtedly a driving influence over the behaviour of people leading into the lockdown.

What I witnessed was how the threat of being deprived of essentials triggered within people a survival instinct. After weeks of preparatory propaganda, they knew what was coming and were inspired to act. The UK’s ceremonial exit from the EU on January 31st was now no longer part of the news agenda. Months of discord over Brexit was consigned to history.

But here’s the problem – the UK did not leave the European Union in any meaningful way on January 31st. Nothing materially changed in terms of the relationship. When those in support of Brexit declared on the morning of February 1st 2020 that the sky had not fallen in, they were at best being disingenuous.  This is primarily because the country remains a member of the single market and the customs union. The real point of exit, when the UK is due to vacate the institutions that make up the EU, is not set to happen until the end of 2020 when the transition period expires. 

The arrival of Covid-19 rendered Brexit an afterthought. But with the end of the transition period less than 100 days away, this is no longer the case. People are beginning to think about Brexit again.

My worry is that the public response to a likely no deal scenario will be met in a similar manner to how fears over a national lockdown were met. Boris Johnson’s deadline of October 15th for a trade deal, which coincides with a European Council meeting, is quickly approaching, as is the threat of a second lockdown.

If Johnson keeps to his word and the 15th passes without agreement, the UK will declare their intention to move onto WTO tariffs come January 1st 2021. That would leave exactly eleven weeks before this became a reality. Plenty of time for the media to begin a campaign of fear based propaganda – centred around stories of food and medicine shortages – and for the government to promote a nationwide communications programme urging people to prepare for potential disruption.

In truth it has already started. This week the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove, warned that in a no deal scenario up to 7,000 port bound trucks looking to cross the channel could be delayed if hauliers do not have the requisite paperwork:

Irrespective of the outcome of negotiations between the UK and EU, traders will face new customs controls and processes. Simply put, if traders, both in the UK and EU, have not completed the right paperwork, their goods will be stopped when entering the EU and disruption will occur. It is essential that traders act now and get ready for new formalities.

With Christmas approaching, I suspect that warnings such as this will once again trigger within people the same fear that they felt back in March. There are already some signs, albeit isolated, of people starting to stockpile.

But unlike six months ago, the British public now have more than Covid-19 to consider. On the one hand you have people observing social distancing rules, which were not a requirement during the first bout of panic buying. On the other are increasing concerns that supermarkets may soon see an upsurge in customer demand off the back of a potential second lockdown, supply chain disruption following a no deal Brexit and the yearly onslaught of Christmas shopping.

It seems obvious to me that the media would portray a ‘second wave‘ of Covid-19 and a disorderly Brexit as a two pronged threat to the public.

You can probably tell where I am going with this. If a second lockdown is implemented, I suspect it would occur in the weeks leading up to Christmas. As fears would mount over access to supplies and people began to pile into supermarkets to stock up, warnings would be abound that because of the uptake in custom people are failing to social distance resulting in the spread of the virus, which in turn would create a rationale within the media for a second lockdown. A economically ruinous lockdown that would largely be blamed on Brexit. And, of course, running beneath Brexit is the narrative of a rise in nationalism and protectionism, which global planners have cited as dangers to the post World War Two ‘rules based global order.’

If you put aside any ideological bias you may have over Brexit, you begin to see how a chaotic separation from the EU is beneficial to global planners. This is something I have discussed in numerous articles over the past couple of years. Central bankers speak of the ‘post Brexit architecture‘ in terms of the the future make-up of the global economic system. Most recently the World Economic Forum launched their ‘Great Reset‘ initiative, which includes plans for a global economic reset that would likely encompass the recomposition of currencies, the introduction of central bank digital currency and a desire to replace ‘failed institutions, processes and rules with new ones that are better suited to current and future needs‘.

One of those institutions just happens to be the World Trade Organisation, which was earmarked for reform back in 2018. The WTO would play the leading role in a no deal Brexit outcome, and if it is shown as being not up to the job then this strengthens the hand of global planners to either remodel or replace it entirely.

As I have long argued, the most vulnerable aspect to Brexit is pound sterling, both in terms of its value and its role as a global reserve currency. Brexit can and I think will play a part in global planners attempting to reconstruct the economic system in their own image. In that sense it is why I believe they want Brexit to happen and in as disorderly a way as possible. Chaos is often advantageous to globalists, not detrimental. Especially when they have already laid out their solutions through Sustainable Development and the Great Reset. All they need is a sufficient number of crises in order to position themselves as the benefactors.


  1. We are certainly being softened up for a second lockdown and the public’s “failure to social distance” could well be a factor in that.

    We should also suppose that there will be many genuine flu cases as it will be a cold winter this year and 30 million people could be having a flu jab. As wel know these often simply do not work but sometimes they show negative efficacy – ie they actually give you the flu.

    Injecting a sub clinical dose of a live virus to provoke an immune reaction will give the flu to some people. A “sub clinical dose” for one person might not be “sub clinical” for everyone else.

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    • The disgusting smirks on Bill and Melinda Gates in this 42 second video tells us they know the next phase of this plandemic will be 10 times worse and will get the attention of the whole world by this winter:

      Please watch this 2 minute video where Bill Gates himself explains his plans for your genome made up of your DNA and RNA:

      Bill Gates – the vaccine will alter our RNA & DNA with Nanotechnology p_cmsid=2494279

      If you think science has not reached the point where they understand how your genome works please watch this 3 minute video:

      Bill Gates in this 2 minute video hints that Moderna(modern ~ RNA) will be the likely producer of this vaccine which will require more than one vaccine to get you “cured”:

      As they distract you with civil unrest, rumors of war, election chaos, and arguing over the relevance of face masks; they plan on beginning the process of changing your genome so you can be uploaded to the cloud called the world wide WEB:

      The governments of the world will make this vaccine voluntary by next year and allow the corporations to begin shutting the doors on who can access their businesses to buy or sell if your not “vaccinated”.

      “C.O.V.ID”=Certificate Of Vaccine ID!

      Accepting their mark to operate in this world will be permanent so make your choice wisely:

      The Rapture of the Church is after the Tribulation


  2. Great read. I enjoy reading your posts. Very informative. Because of our heated upcoming election here in the US most of the media is focused on promoting their candidate, however, we are starting to see the media beginning to primer us for a powerful resurgence of COV19 again… I suspect food shortages will be used at a later date. In any event, I find great similarities in the strategies being employed in both the US an Europe.

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  3. All things being equal these are logical assumptions. But are all things equal as a startling growing number of the public has come to understand that this orchestrated pandemic is a means to an end and that national governments (and all their agency) are taking their marching orders directly from the ‘pyramid cap’s’ minions. Those bought and paid for sycophants that infest the ‘cap’s’ internationally positioned institutions, the various world banks, the WEF and other organizations situated under the ‘cap’s’ auspices at such venues as the U.N., The WHO comes quickly to mind

    Growing push back by the public to the fraud being perpetrated against them may result in more strategic protest and actions against those running the state and its propaganda repeating stations. There seems to be a sense of dire consequences building within the public as a revolt within the scientific community along factual lines makes its way into the public domain.

    The big break on ‘all things being equal’ may take place if the state’s enforcement agencies in the police and military can be divided along fault lines of whether they and their families are of a democratic society or support a coming Technocratic tyranny which is the end goal. Strategic actions may take the shape of the shunning and refusal of services to the state thug personnel and their families. The end goals of Agenda 21, sustainable development, the Great Reset and various other supporting front agencies and NGOs is total control over the lives of all ‘citizens.’. Time will tell and in the short run if the public will begin to act strategically or continue to batter away at the symbols of globalist protocols like mandatory mask wearing and lockdowns but instead cut to the chase and go after those orchestrating and propagandizing the panic and chaos in their own interests?

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  4. Long time without a post Steve – hope you are o.k.

    Me I’m just observing for now, too much going on to find a proper sense to it all. That is why I haven’t commented for a while.

    Best regards.


    • I’m fine. Thank you for asking. Reason for the lack of new articles is because my wife is heavily pregnant and I’ve been spending most of my time looking after her and working five days a week. All being well we’ll have a baby daughter here at the start of January. I’m going to try and do some posts before the new year but beyond that I’m not sure. Still doing lots of research into what’s going on around the world, especially on central bank digital currencies.

      Hope everything is well with you amidst the maelstrom of madness.

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      • Delighted to hear that. I was wondering the same thing last week.

        I went on the site looking for new articles in case I had stopped receiving notifications (one gets a bit suspicious these days)

        I hope all goes well with the new baby and I look forward to reading your future articles, don’t stress though !

        Give my regards to the good people of Liverpool, fighting the good fight what what I see. Southern pansies need to follow their lead 🙂

        Best of luck to you mate.


      • Thank you for your reply Steve, that all goes well.

        When I look at what is going on in the world I am always referencing several layers of knowledge, i.e. political, monetary, media, corporate world, history and so on … what is occuring now in the world is too deep for me to fathom. Even though I’m used to extending any interpretation to whatever limits might be found, so far all I see are movements of various kinds that don’t relate to any known organisation but that are very clearly coordinated beyond being just a synchronised reply to the pandemic/”pandemic”. There is no need to use the term conspiracy, because authorities of all kinds plan and conspire continuously, it is a known and their objectives are or aren’t presentable. Now though, it is a very different and “vacant” sort of impetus that is being arranged around, I cannot describe it better. In time, knowledge will be added to, and visibility (and so accountability) will be made. So for me now is just a time of observation and learning, because in future it will be needed to cross-reference what is presented to us vs. what we have managed to discern of truth during this time. At least that is how I approach it, with much patience but always attentive to attempts at false narrative. As current circumstance is so uncertain, because of the nature or effect or exaggeration of the virus, I think that many are reduced to a contemplation that for now has few answers, those being offered by authorities not nescessarily being any of them.

        I currently live where I am able to just switch off about the virus and continue the day as if it were all on “another planet”, the benefit of living rurally – but it does allow a person to juxtaposition and observe from outside what is being presented, strange times we are in.

        Take care, and the best to you and yours.


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