Donald Trump: The Globalist’s Prised Asset is in Place


Last month I predicted that Donald Trump would become the 45th President of the United States. I wrote two articles that developed upon a theory that the meeting of the Bank For International Settlements in Washington DC on November 7th and 8th signified that Trump would ‘win’ the race.

Those articles can be found here:

‘Brexit’ and President Trump: The Bank That Adjoins Them Together

Donald Trump: A Script Written by the Globalist Elites

The correlation between the BIS (Bank For International Settlements) meeting at the same time as the UK referendum on the EU, and gathering again as the US electorate went to the polls, was too strong to ignore. When this ‘bank for central banks‘ comes together before a significant ballot, it indicates that they are finalising preparations for what the mainstream media will publicise as a shock result.

Whilst proponents of liberty celebrate this morning, in the conviction that Donald Trump will ‘Make America Great Again’ and set about dismantling the increasing hold of globalism, I look upon the result for what it is. A stage managed event brought to fruition by the very same globalist elites that Trump and his supporters vilify.

Voices within ‘alternative media‘ are calling this the greatest act of public rebellion in a generation. They have convinced themselves that with Trump being announced as the next President, it somehow damages the globalist elites carefully cultivated plan for complete centralisation of the world’s financial and governmental systems.

These same voices had been spouting for weeks that Hillary Clinton was ‘the chosen one‘. By hook or by crook (and some massaging of the vote), she would be declared the next President. The elites, according to their logic, would never allow Trump a passage to victory.

Now that these self same elites have done just that, the response has been predictable. There has been no objective questioning of why Donald Trump reigned supreme. For his supporters it was simple. The voice of the American people was heard. Trump had simply galvanised public opinion, turned it into a movement and managed to get enough people through the polling stations to ensure victory.

This should be called out for the nonsense that it is. As I have written about previously, if the elites who managed the outcome of this and every other US election have the ability to install one candidate, they have the same power to install the other. Provided that candidate supports the narrative of the moment.

Since ‘Brexit’, the narrative has been one of a revival of nationalism, of a desire to preserve individual sovereign states, an increase in the sentiment of protectionism and wanting to look after one’s own country and not be dictated to by the force of globalism. Which is why ‘Brexit’ is seen as a victory by those who support it.

The same narrative can be applied to Donald Trump. A candidate who pledged to put America first, to no longer allow the American people to suffer at the hand of globalisation, to put an end to unfettered immigration.

The pattern is clear to see, but the intent behind it is not what it seems.

Donald Trump is the President elect because it was designed to be that way. To suggest that the globalist elites can only manipulate the system one way – in this instance, the way of Hillary Clinton – is hugely naive. Observe how Clinton has been portrayed in the media over the past three months. The focus has been on her health vulnerabilities, the Wikileaks email revelations, the re-opening and then closure of a second FBI investigation. If she was ‘the chosen one‘, then why have her portrayed in such a negative light? Whilst scandal surrounding Clinton remained, notice that accusations against Trump of a sexual nature garnered headlines for 24 hours before being quietly dropped.

At this point, it’s important to trace back through history every time there was a major change of some kind – the creation of the International Monetary Fund for example. It’s inception came about only after World War Two. The same can be said of the UN, again a creation borne out of the second world war. Before the facade of monetary unification and the coming together of nation states for ‘international co-operation‘, there was a period of conflict. Creating division between what the system presents as opposing sides – when really they are funded by the same singular source – is essential if your goal is to advance a centuries old agenda.

Times of peace are not conducive to creating the conditions for outright centralisation of powers. With Trump’s rise to President, the starting point of ‘Brexit’ has now become a full blown conflict against globalisation. But here is the catch: it is a conflict that as with any other throughout history serves not to damage the agenda, but to advance it beyond it’s current trajectory. Being conscious of the end goal of the elites is crucial to understanding why Trump will be the next President.

Where America and the rest of the world goes from here nobody can state for sure. But the facts up to this point are clear. The false left / right paradigm is being used to cajole opposing ideologies into a conflict over globalism. It will likely result in the gradual collapse of financial markets, instigated by central banks at the behest of the Bank For International Settlements. Any economic rupture can now be blamed squarely on the ‘right’ of the political paradigm, bringing the ‘left’ into play to further sew division.

If there is one thing that the elites will not do it is waste the opportunity they now have with Trump. A man who is under their control whilst at the same time playing the theatrical part of the faux anti-globalist who will ‘Make America Great Again‘.

I don’t believe Trump’s election is a defeat of the globalists. What it represents is the furthering of a conflict that over the next 4 years could be used as an excuse to collapse financial markets and usher in the makings of a fully centralised monetary system. The Economist magazine – a Rothschild owned publication – ran a feature story in January 1988 that by 2018 we would be on the path towards a new world currency. A warning that like so many others was positioned in plain sight.

The goal of a cashless society, complete with the decimation of the US dollar, now has for the first time a time frame attached to it. Donald Trump will be the President that oversees its demise.


  1. […] As I have written about extensively over the past six months, the Bank for International Settlements convened at the time of the Brexit referendum in June last year and also on the day of the US election in November. Curiously, the bank have so far not given any details of their planned meetings for 2017, an unusual move which is without precedent on their part. The BIS website has records of all their conferences dating back fifteen years ago to 2002. […]


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