The Group vs The Individual

It was as an individual that you were introduced to the world. Since that day, however, you and I have been coerced by stealth into a designated form of collectivism. Call it socialism, communism, conservatism, fascism, anarchism. The label makes no difference. It is the intent behind each facade that is key.

The process of humanity relinquishing its power to the state apparatus has been centuries in the making. People who align with a group allow themselves to be seen and identified through political ideologies, of which the state depends upon for its survival.

When you pledge allegiance to the false paradigm of politics, what you are doing is limiting your ability to objectively analyse the system from which it originates. By aligning yourself to the faux left or the faux right, you voluntarily submit your individuality in favour of belonging to the group. Only, the group, is a phantom. A non-existent entity.

A thousand strong protest, for example, does not warrant being recognised as a group, despite it being seen as so. It is a thousand individuals who have dis-empowered themselves under the assumption that ‘we’ carries more influence than ‘I’. What it actually represents is a thousand mind’s limiting their scope of knowledge and understanding to a collective train of thought.

A thousand voices which do not deviate, which remain on message, are a product of the state. A state which actively encourages such vacuous resistance. Collectivists will always be easier to control, easier to manipulate and of no threat to the power brokers above them. These are the same figureheads who painstakingly devised each ideology to fit within the collectivist model.

Collectivists walk with a generic placard in hand, shout some obscenities, convince themselves they’ve done a bit of good, then return home only to feel bemused that no coverage of their efforts can be found on the evening news. Collectivists have unknowingly been micromanaged into a profound state of ignorance. As intended.

Where isolated instances of individualism still exist you find people committed to their own path. Refusing to be cajoled. Refusing to be press ganged or catagorised into a subverted ideology. Individuals recognise that truth – the primary objective of their research – has no ideology. Truth at its purest denigrates either side of the political divide. A result that collectivists feel threatened by.

Most of all, the individual recognises their own worth, and remains unwavering when friends, family and colleagues reject an alternative perspective. A rejection that is borne out of an unwillingness to investigate, to research. The only channel that a collectivist will turn to for verification is the official channel. Corporatised media and the spine of the state that supports it.

Nevertheless, the individual persists. What motivates him is the knowledge that they too were once bound to the collectivist ideal. What inspires him is the realisation that they are no longer.

Once you adopt a compulsion for truth, striped bare of ideology, you become as you were born. An individual.

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