‘Brexit’: A Globalist Entrapment?


Let’s work from the premise that the result of the UK referendum on the EU back in June was intended by the globalist elites and was not a victory for ‘people power’.

52% voted leave. 48% voted remain. First of all, you cannot portray division any clearer than that. A landslide victory either way would have dismissed the narrative of a nation divided. Without that narrative, the fall out from ‘Brexit’ would not have been achievable. It was an essential ingredient for what was and is to come.

I voted to leave the European Union. I based my decision on months of research – independent of mainstream news outlets – and discovered the true origins of the EU and how it was created as part of a much larger push for global, centralised control.

What I failed to understand at the time was the notion of a leave vote actually being part of the globalist plan. On paper, it doesn’t look right: if the plan is for greater centralisation of power, why would those both funding and openly championing this cause be behind the decision for Britain to break away from the EU?

After weeks of considering that question, what materialises is for me a straightforward answer. The creation of the European Union was not the end goal. The express wish of many globalists, including David Rockefeller, is to fashion a global state of governance which would encompass, amongst other things, a one world government (under the jurisdiction of the United Nations), a global currency and a one world army.

This vision is widely known as a ‘New World Order’. Many leading figures within politics – including former president George Bush senior and British Prime Minster Gordon Brown – have publicly stated their support for such a concept. They did so at the behest of their globalist masters, the same bodies who were responsible for the inception of the EU.

The naivety surrounding the topic of ‘Brexit’ is widespread. Within both sides of the argument. Leave voters said it was our chance to reclaim sovereignty, to break away from the globalist agenda of centralising power and to become an independent country. Remain voters said that unity was strength, that staying in Europe would mean Britain could ‘reform it from within’ and that being part of a union, as opposed to being an independent sovereign nation, was where our future should lie.

Let’s start with leave voters, like myself. The hysteria created around the referendum, the arguments on social media and in public debate, became a successful mask in which to disguise the globalists intentions. I think many assumed that by voting leave it was the first step to regaining independence over our sovereignty. What it actually represented was the starting gun for ordo ab chao – which when translated means ‘Order Out Of Chaos’.

Ordo ab chao ties in with the Hegelian dialectic of, ‘Problem – Reaction – Solution’, which can be easily applied to the referendum result.

Before we get into that, let’s examine the role of remain voters in the run up to the election. The position that many took was that to even consider leaving the EU was to adopt a racist, right wing posture, indicative of someone who is intolerant of other cultures and is anti immigration. It’s fair to conclude that some who voted leave fitted those assumptions. But these were tags that were applied to the majority of people intending to leave. Whilst those advocating to remain helped to sew the seeds of divisions, what they rarely if ever remarked upon was the role of the European Union in impoverishing countries like Greece through ‘austerity’ measures and how the single currency of the Euro has eroded nations abilities to take responsibility for their own finances. Which was the goal from the beginning.

What was also never remarked upon was the sentiment for a leave vote that was expressed by both socialist and communist parties / media in the UK. ‘The Left’ even made their own film called ‘Lexit’ advocating for a leave vote. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, a notorious ‘Euro skeptic’ throughout his entire political career on the back benches, switched tack as leader and instead adopted a passionless stance for remain. The party machine and an absence of principle getting the better of him.

Missing also from the remain narrative was the bureaucratic system of governance within the EU and how decisions are taken. Many only saw as far as the EU commission – an un-elected body in itself – and never acknowledged the existence of, for example, the European Round Table of Industrialists. A collective of corporate businessmen who dictate policy to the commission who then set about enacting it, all the way down to the impotent EU parliament.

Essentially, both sides of the argument allowed the theatre of the referendum – played out by politicians, newscasters, broadsheets and social media – to shape their perception on how to think, feel and respond. It was a theatre locked within the false paradigm of ‘left’ vs ‘right’. Perhaps the greatest folly played was by the remain side, when they promoted the idea of a leave vote as giving license to the Conservative party to launch some sort of right wing coup, turning the UK’s back on the world and leaving us at the mercy of Tory rule. A concept that bares little understanding of the globalist state to which we are all subservient too.

Shortly before the referendum, business ‘mogul’ George Soros – a billionaire and lynch pin of globalism who makes his fortune through market manipulation – wrote for The Guardian that a leave vote would imperil the UK economy. Voters were ‘grossly underestimating‘ the ramifications of leaving the union. He warned of an ‘immediate and dramatic impact on financial markets, investment, prices and jobs.’ He warned that the pound would fall, saying,

Sterling is almost certain to fall steeply and quickly if there is a vote to leave. I would expect this devaluation to be bigger and more disruptive than the 15% devaluation that occurred in September 1992, when I was fortunate enough to make a substantial profit for my hedge fund investors, at the expense of the Bank of England and the British government

Both the pound and markets did fall steeply following the leave vote. Whilst it wasn’t to the lengths he had prophesied, his warning/threat of declines came to fruition. The Dow Jones fell over 600 points in New York – exactly 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks and 7 days since the Dow’s biggest ever fall on September 29th, 2008 – a fall of 777 points.

Coincidence? The number 7 is not only seen by some to have occult significance, it is something International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde spoke about when giving a speech to the National Press Club in 2014:

After Soros came a warning/threat from Jacob Rothschild – a member of a family that is central to the globalist agenda – who wrote in The Times that leaving the EU could lead to a ‘damaging and disorderly situation‘ should a leave vote be returned. He said voters should, ‘not risk the wellbeing of our country‘ and that European countries were ‘better off together‘. Expanding on this, Rothschild said,

At present we enjoy being a permanent member of the UN security council and we are essential to the G8 and Commonwealth. But diplomacy, defence, the environment and our values of being a liberal democracy will all be at risk. I can see no good reason why we should accept our playing a diminished role on the world stage

After decades of plundering humanity’s resources, are we now led to believe that George Soros and Jacob Rothschild had suddenly developed a conscious? No, we are not.

What Rothschild and Soros were doing is communicating to people what was going to happen. The Rothschild chain in particular is part of a conglomerate of families that own every leading central bank around the world. That is a position of knowing. Of anticipating what was to come. The leave vote will not have been a surprise to them. Both men will have positioned themselves in the market to capitalise from it.

After ‘Brexit’, George Soros increased his billionaire fortune, the same way he increased it by his own admission in 1992.

But a key part of my belief that the globalist elites were behind the vote to leave is with the movements of central bankers right before the referendum took place. On the very same day – June 23rd – the head’s of the world’s central banks all gathered for the 15th annual conference of the Bank for International Settlements.

Is it a coincidence that the conference should fall at the same time as the referendum? One that was touted as critical for markets across the globe? I don’t believe so. When former Prime Minster David Cameron announced the 23rd June as the day for the referendum, it concurred with the plans of the BIS.

The BIS is known as the central bank for central banks. An excerpt over at Zero Hedge from a book called, ‘TOWER OF BASEL: The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank that Runs the World by Adam LeBor’, details what the Bank of International Settlements is and the leading role it plays in today’s economic landscape. That is despite barely ever being spoken about or having its existence acknowledged in the mainstream.

My contention on this is clear. The ‘Brexit’ vote was not only planned for but it was known. Before the first vote was even cast.

Now let’s move forward to the present day. At the Conservative Party conference last week, Prime Minister Theresa May signaled her intent to activate Article 50 – a necessary step in informing the EU of a country’s wish to leave the union – by March 2017. 5 months from now. As she repeatedly says, ‘Brexit means Brexit‘.

At present, I believe her stance will hold true. Not through trust, but through the understanding that a much wider attempt at creating division is being devised.

Many within alternative media do not think the UK will be allowed to leave the EU. They say it is against the agenda of centralising power, and that globalist elites will ultimately prevent the UK from exiting the union. These same voices have also expressed scorn on the warnings sounded by multiple sources that markets would collapse after a leave vote. On the surface, markets have actually risen since the referendum, after initially falling heavily. Does this mean those sources were wrong? In the long term, no. The immediate collapse may not have occurred, but many other factors exist to bring ‘Brexit’ back into play soon and part of a world wide downturn in markets.

‘Brexit’ began the first salvo of many more which I think will follow. The next will be a Donald Trump victory at the US election in November. Trump represents, in the eyes of his supporters, exactly what those who voted leave in the UK were trying to get away from. The destruction of living standards that globalism has brought upon billions of people. A return to the dominance of national sovereignty over centralisation of powers by un-elected bodies.

But that is not what is happening. Don’t forget that ‘Brexit’ was seen as a victory for the ‘right’ of politics. Whilst that is a lie it remains the perception. And that perception has been painstakingly cultivated throughout the mainstream media. A battle between the ‘left’ and ‘right’ of politics. That divide is critical to achieving the fruits of the agenda that is playing out here.

Donald Trump is being perceived as an example of the hard right, of racism, of greedy capitalism, of intolerance of other cultures, of sexism. But also an advocate of the nation state and the individual sovereignty of America. Something which is not compatible with globalisation.

The grounds for divide and rule have been clearly laid. We are witnessing the steady erosion of one form of centralisation i.e. the EU, to be advanced into a far bigger and all encompassing union.

So now imagine if the referendum result had been to remain. The ensuing fall out leading to relative calm after the event. Tensions simmering rather than boiling over. The fake and drawn out diplomacy of ‘reforming the union within’. Nothing of immediate division exists to manipulate, making it harder for globalists to further push the agenda for greater centralisation. Remember, the goal is not to stay rooted to the confines of the EU. It is to advance beyond it into a world union of global governance.

The way this is being brought about is through ordo ab chao‘Order Out Of Chaos’Once you create the conditions for chaos – in this instance, the ‘Brexit’ vote and the election of Donald Trump – you then have the tools in which to manipulate the narrative and coerce people to take sides.

After a Trump victory, the division will likely move towards the people of other countries in the EU demanding their own in/out referendums. An added ingredient to this would be the election of perceived ‘hard right‘ political parties, particularly in France, Germany and Italy.  Further fracturing the union. Further exacerbating the chaos.

As I have come to understand through analysts such as Brandon Smith at Alt-Market, when you apply the conditions of chaos to an already centralised power structure, the reasons for the chaos happening will not be seen as a cause of centralisation – it will be seen as powers having not been centralised enough. The calls for a global political union would inevitably intensity.

So the question now becomes, ‘should those who voted leave regret their decision, given that it may lead to greater centralisation? The choice was three fold. Vote remain and buy into the theory of reforming the EU from within, in spite of it’s inbred dictatorial make up and history of oppressing its citizens, all under the guise of globalisation. Vote leave and believe that by doing so it will free the UK from the the clutches of globalism and return the country to be an independent, sovereign nation that decides its own affairs. Or you abstain from perhaps the only opportunity you will have in your life time to try and influence the decision either way. A decision that I think was ultimately decided before the referendum took place.

If you voted leave and, like myself, endeavored to gain knowledge on the mechanics of the EU and how it functions to support that decision, then it is not to be regretted. What is regretful, however, is the people who are celebrating the 52% majority as a victory, and who are now sitting back waiting for the government to take the country out of the EU on their behalf. Sadly, we are no more empowered now than we were before June 23rd. Simply because too many people now think their work is done and are leaving it up to the same globalised system they oppose to follow the leave vote through.

Leaving the EU is a correct path to walk if the common goal is to curtail globalisation, devolve power from the state and return it to the individual. But that is all it is. A path. And my fear is that it is a false path laid by the globalist elites.

What is required now are further trigger events to generate increased divide and rule throughout the world, and to take the goal of centralising power to a greater level.

The more you learn, the more you come to realise that this agenda does not advance under the guise of peace. It requires division. It requires conflict. It requires the false paradigm of ‘left’ vs ‘right’ to achieve its ambition.

Out of the wreckage that the globalists have planned will come the ready made solution. World unification.

Right now both sides of the debate are being played off against one another. Their attention distracted away from the source of this manipulation. Whilst that continues, the march towards complete centralisation of power will mercilessly gather momentum.

What’s important to remember here is that the chaos part to this agenda cannot be avoided. It is built into the model. Yes, ‘Brexit’ was a trigger event which will lead to further events. But had there never been a referendum then something else would have come along to provide the necessary conflict.

It is therefore crucial that people take the time to research why these things are happening, and do not allow themselves to be constrained by divisive ideologies. The more we are divided, the weaker our resistance becomes. Which is the breeding ground necessary for the centralisation of power to bloom.


  1. Just as I suspected … Brexit was a slam dunk for the filthy rich global elite. The Halloween date shows just who’s in control. The ‘Leavers’ wanted to put power back into the hands of the UK government. Instead they played right into the hands of the New World Order pundits. Their holy grail is on its way: One World Government with themselves in control.

    It’s coming folks. It’s on its way! Wash your hands because they want to print THAT number on your skin. Armageddon out of here! 😱😨😇


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