What Will Trigger the Bursting of the ‘Bubble’?


We could be in a big fat bubble…and if that bubble crashes it’s a problem…the word bubble, remember the word bubble, you heard it here first… I mean, I don’t want to sound rude, but I hope if it explodes it’s going to be now rather than two months into another administration… because honestly you got yourself problems.

-Donald Trump, 2015

***The following passage of writing is from a diary entry dated 13th August 2016***

It would be ignorant to look upon ‘ISIS’ as an entity of itself when many other facets to a world wide and pervasive agenda threaten to advance. All are connected. September 11th, drought in the Middle East through Geoengineering, Al Qaeda morphed into the ‘Islamic State‘. Then there’s what is building towards an impending calamity – the financial market. An institution encompassing precious metals, oil and currencies. All of which spearhead Geo-Political tensions which are scripted into a false paradigm of East versus West. Acts of sabotage through climate engineering and the ‘lone wolf’ attacks directly or indirectly associated with ‘ISIS’ are just some of the eventualities.

I’ve been thinking about what could trigger a global event that engulfs most if not all of the developed world. Having studied the views of Brandon Smith (Alt-Market) and Charles Hayek (Surviving The Final Bubble), as well as analysis from Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante), I think the financial markets are being primed for collapse.

Here is what I have learnt:

Christmas time last year, Donald Trump gave mention to a ‘bubble’ in the market, and how he hoped it would burst then and not into a new administration.

Eight months forward and American stocks have just reached all time record numbers. Now that Trump is the official Republican nomination for President, it is confirmation to me that he is as much controlled by the globalist elites as Hillary Clinton.

During Bill Clinton’s run as President, the Dot Com technology bubble inflated, sending stock levels soaring to new highs. It began to deflate under Clinton but ultimately burst shortly after George Bush was given the presidency in January 2001.

After September 11th, a trigger event, the markets began to decline.

In September 2008, four months before Barack Obama’s inauguration, Lehman Brothers was chosen as the trigger to burst the mortgage / collateralised debt obligation bubble, resulting in a world wide recession and permanent austerity programmes.

Eight years later, and five months before Clinton or Trump become President (provided an election is held), with markets at record highs, a potential trigger to bring about a new collapse is the derivatives market. A market that has debt liabilities of over $500 Trillion. An implosion here ruptures every economy, from East to West.

Putting these three examples together helps to compile a simple formula for economic decay (as shown by Charles Hayek in his series of videos on YouTube):

  1. A bubble builds and grows under low interest rates (rates in June 2003 were 1%, down from 6% in January 2001. Rates now stand at 0.5%).
  2. Self proclaimed ‘experts’ who populate the likes of CNBC and Bloomberg say before a crisis ensues that all is well in the economy and growth will continue henceforth.
  3. The Federal Reserve raises the rate of interest (they are leaving a rise this September as a possibility).
  4. The economy begins to slow with markets tending towards the down side.
  5. The bubble begins to burst amidst a presidential election.

Supposing a collapse were to begin over the next six months, it might look something like this:

There are three more opportunities for the Fed to raise rates this year – September, November and December – two of which are within the campaign trail for President. Right now the economy – on the surface – appears well.

It’s a ruse of course but the figures, manipulated as they are, point to things generally being in good order. Hence why the Fed could raise rates. The markets are where they are through the printing of money – figures on a screen – a bubble that is eight years plus in the making. Though quantitative easing programmes and TARP funds. Essentially, the financial sector now exists on the back of the state. Exactly as desired.

It is the taxpayers who will fall should this bubble rupture in the long term. Again, exactly as desired.

So let’s say the Fed raises rates in September or November, most likely to 0.75%. The reaction is for markets to enter a period of volatility. Not a collapse. All that is required at this stage is a reason for investors to lose faith in both the Fed’s decision making and their ability to martial the economy through uncertainty.

With rates higher, attention turns to Trump versus Hillary. Now is where the question should be asked – if the agenda is to eventually collapse the market, to a far greater degree than 2008, then who would you want as President to ensure it happens?

Hillary has been promoted from the outset as the ‘chosen one‘. Forget she’s a criminal – she’s a woman and in league with her paymasters on Wall Street. Trump is promoted as the ‘Outsider‘ not of the ‘Establishment‘ and not supported by the banks. That, in theory, should make Clinton the one.

But the world is an inversion much of the time. Where the opposite runs true.

If you have already unsettled the market with a rate increase, stoking volatility, you then have a choice of either quelling it with Clinton or exacerbating it with Trump.

To the media and those proclaiming themselves of a ‘centralist‘ disposition, Trump is divisive, a racist, not ‘Presidential Material‘ and an advocate of individual nation states and their sovereignty.

More importantly, Trump fits the profile of ‘Divide and Rule’. Already there is growing tension in communities throughout America pitting citizens against each other and against the strong arm of the law. Add to that the spectre of ‘ISIS’, which Trump regularly draws from.

What are we always told that markets despise? Uncertainty. Exactly what a Trump Victory represents.

Keep in mind too that the administration over the last sixteen years has changed on or around the crisis point – from Democrat to Republican in 2000, Republican to Democrat in 2008. The precedent is there to revert back to Republican once again.

But unlike times previous, the trigger beginning a collapse will not be a technological or housing bubble bursting. It likely won’t be the derivatives market either. Instead, Trump himself will be the trigger. The election result itself.

Of primary importance to the globalist elites is to manipulate its citizens to accept the chosen cause of a crisis point. Once that is achieved, the dividing line is laid between opposing ideologies.

From Brandon Smith at Alt-Market was writing about, a Trump victory creates the environment of those on the ‘right‘ being responsible for the direction the world is going. The ‘left‘ blame instances like ‘Brexit‘ on the ‘right‘ – classic divide and rule technique. Place Trump in the mix and it becomes a division based not just on the economy but also on matters of race and isolationism. In short, the ‘right‘ is the cause of it all. They are the figure heads of blame. It doesn’t matter that the falsehood of ‘socially progressive‘ groups like ‘Black Lives Matter‘ and ‘Democracy Now‘ are infiltrated by the Socialist’s fake foe of Capitalism. That’s not the story. The story is Trump and the perception of him laid out by the mainstream media.

As with all matters political, parties and their leaders are nothing but vehicles to implement an agenda.

If the decisions have been made for the next economic collapse, it would make no sense to have Clinton become president. Trump all but guarantees a crisis.

This is all about positioning. Markets collapsing under Clinton runs the risk of blame being directed at the banks themselves. Collapse them under Trump and it’s the ‘right‘ who are to blame. Divide and rule.

Again, it is the trusted false paradigm of ‘right‘ and ‘left‘ that ensures chaos. The inability of people to see that both sides are controlled by the same globalist elites and work to the same agenda. Bernie Sanders endorsing Clinton at the DNC convention was a grand gesture of ridicule to all who consider themselves a ‘Social Democrat‘.

But people continue to rally even further behind what are warped and corrupted ideologies. Out of a desperate strain of hope that has no basis in reality.

The effects of ‘Brexit‘ as well in the market place have yet to fully impose themselves. That story currently lies dormant, just waiting for the next trigger to resurface and kick start further divide and rule.

On the surface, Trump prescribes to the proud American, the sovereign American, one who upholds the constitution and advocates rights like gun ownership. This makes him more of a target as infiltrated groups like ‘Black Lives Matter‘ (see George Soros) fight against Trump’s false rhetoric. It serves the agenda better to have ‘right‘ portrayed as the villain due to the resistance of social justice groups. It plays on all the old sentiments of years past. Big brooding ‘Capitalists‘ always the target of lazy activists. It is never what lies behind the facade. Never the globalists themselves. They who fund both sides in order to control and direct both sides.

So if Trump is installed, they have a perfect opportunity to collapse the economy, which in turn exacerbates social tensions, which in turn makes implementing martial law a real possibility.

Is this the moment for it? The patterns are there to see.

But in the event that Clinton does in fact win the race, then the markets would likely take heart, and the immediate concern would be less about economic collapse and more concentrated on the beating of the war drum. Which again plays into the false East / West paradigm.

Which direction are the globalists intent on? It should be said that Trump is no less war hungry than Clinton. He has advocated carpet bombing the Middle East to ‘defeat ISIS‘. Either Trump or Clinton represents an escalation of conflict. As it is under any Western leader.

I think if rates are increased then all the conditions will have been met to begin instigating a crisis. The realisation of Trump ahead in the race for President to then becoming President would seal the downturn. The ‘left‘ blame the ‘right‘ whilst the banks who fund both sides remain above scrutiny. Social chaos ensues, the economy tanks, and the world enters a new phase of the agenda.

And this is where Problem – Reaction – Solution plays its hand. The solution? A collectivised approach. The world economy. Everything is connected to everything else. In other words, greater centralisation of power concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. Which if conditions are critical enough will be accepted eagerly by the masses. Stop the bleeding will be the call. Not where the source of the chaos is originating from.

Like every other occasion, the globalists go unchecked in the mainstream. The primary concern is for the pain to be alleviated, for the good of us all (inversion).

Things are now delicately placed. In November I think Trump will win the election, meeting the criteria for an economic downturn.

But it is important to realise that Trump is not the cause of the decline. He is the vehicle enabling it to happen. That will not rest well with mouthpiece ‘Socialist’s‘, but all the unbiased research I have invested time in has lead me to this conclusion.

One aspect I have not covered yet is China’s inclusion into the IMF’s basket of currencies from the 1st of October this year. An event that sits perfectly in the middle of the election campaign. The IMF’s role in issuing solutions to a predetermined crisis are a critical factor. China’s inclusion represents – again, on the surface – a threat to the hegemony of the US Dollar. A currency that will come under immediate and sustained pressure if Trump wins and is inaugurated. This alone would precipitate a financial crisis – one that is already playing out in the shadows but has yet to be entertained within the purview of the mainstream media. When the moment is judged right, it will be.

As warned about in the Rothschild influenced Economist magazine back in 1988 – approaching 30 years ago – the ultimate plan is to centralise the financial system to the extent where the world would adopt a single, electronic currency (dubbed ‘The Phoenix‘) and be under the jurisdiction of a single central bank.

As I have learnt, the elites operate a hidden in plain sight motif – they covertly inform the world what they are preparing to do, and those who are aware understand this as being a direct communique – usually via the IMF or the Bank of International Settlements – of the agenda at large. Since ‘Brexit‘, multiple figureheads within finance have been openly calling for greater centralisation of the monetary system. And when a crisis is initiated, we hear calls for a ‘co-ordinated‘, ‘global‘ and ‘collective‘ response.

If the timeline for a global currency in 2018 holds true, then now is the moment to begin its inception. All that is required is a trigger point of polarising significance. Perhaps this will be the realisation of Trump as President and the subsequent Geo-Political ructions that would ensue.

Unless something occurs which the globalist elites are not prepared for, they have never had a more perfectly poised moment in time to bring forth one of their goals. The singular, centralised control of money supply and banking. This is the remedy for when the chaos becomes too much for populations to cope with. Out from the shadows come the elites. Marketed as saviours in a time of abject desperation.

In such a circumstance the inversion would be complete – those who caused the crisis being the same bodies who put forward the solution. A solution that amounts to the furthering of our voluntary enslavement into a centralised, fascist dictatorship.

It’s a sobering realisation to consider that the trigger point towards this scenario could only be a few short months away.


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