NASA: Clouds Caused by Aircraft May Warm U.S. Climate

NASA employee Patrick Minnis is on the record as saying aircraft ‘contrails’ could be responsible for warming the American climate. Note the trails in the sky to the left of the picture

The adage of ‘hidden in plain sight’ is more relevant now than it ever has been. Many of you who have researched Geoengineering will know that there exists a world wide programme to pollute the atmosphere and the air with breath with metal particulates. One of the express goals is to engineer the climate and modify the weather.

After an investigation in 2004, Patrick Minnis, a senior research scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, sounded a warning about how aircraft emissions may have a detrimental impact on the U.S. climate.

The article can be found on NASA’s own website, but here is some of what Mr Minnis said:

“This result shows the increased cirrus coverage, attributable to air traffic, could account for nearly all of the warming observed over the United States for nearly 20 years starting in 1975, but it is important to acknowledge contrails would add to and not replace any greenhouse gas effect.

During the same period, warming occurred in many other areas where cirrus coverage decreased or remained steady.

This study demonstrates that human activity has a visible and significant impact on cloud cover and, therefore, on climate. It indicates that contrails should be included in climate change scenarios.”

Contrails already have substantial regional effects where air traffic is heavy, such as over the United States. As air travel continues growing in other areas, the impact could become globally significant.

Whereas Patrick Minnis talks of ‘contrails’ being responsible for warming the climate, those who have looked into the subject of Geoengineering will see it from a different perspective.

NASA, like multiple other outlets, would dismiss climate engineering as a conspiracy. A theory which can be challenged and defeated through five minutes of research. But what’s clear from their own study is that they believe aircraft emissions are a major culprit in the warming of the American climate. That much is indisputable.

They may not have approached the subject through Geoengineering, but the conclusions they came to were, in one sense, accurate. Whilst they willfully ignored the polluting of the planet through aerosol particulates, they successfully reasoned that the more trails there are in the sky, the greater the amount of heat that builds up within the atmosphere.

This leads me to the American Geophysical Union, who back in 2012 produced a study about how pollution trapped within thunderclouds is exacerbating climate change.

A report on details some of the findings. Again, this report, as with NASA’s, does not factor Geoengineering into their research, but the results remain highly relevant. Here is a quote from Jiwen Fan, lead author of the study conducted by the AGU.

“Global climate models don’t see this effect because thunderstorm clouds simulated in those models do not include enough detail. The large amount of heat trapped by the pollution-enhanced clouds could potentially impact regional circulation and modify weather systems.

Jiwen Fan’s comment about trapped heat in the atmosphere is crucial. Simply because over time trapped warmth leads to an increase in atmospheric temperature. Caused in no small part by aircraft emissions.

In light of that, consider this: In December 2015, the Paris Climate Agreement was produced to much fanfare within the mainstream media. What they neglected to report on to any significant degree was the fact that aircraft emissions were excluded from the deal. Earlier drafts had included aviation pollution, only to then be dropped in time for the finalised agreement.

Even if you did not believe that Geoengineering is happening, ask yourself why, given the scale of the aviation industry today, that aircraft emissions would go unacknowledged?

Some reasons cited by mainstream outlets include an adverse impact on the global economy should aircraft emissions be targeted, and, according to The Telegraph, aviation was dropped because of pressure from emerging economies.

The financial incentive was put before the health of the planet. As it is every time.

In response to the American Geophysical Union’s study, I want to finish with something Susanne Posel of OccupyCorporatism said:

What scientists call the “greenhouse effect” is actually a direct causation of this geo-engineering process.

The climate change alarmists and their gang of quack scientists depend solely on computer models to explain their assertions.

When the researchers claimed that pollution was trapping heat within the clouds, did it occur to them that geo-engineering is dumping massive amounts of aluminum and other toxins into the clouds; toxins that would obviously be considered pollution?

Quite ironic, seeing that their own geo-engineering is causing the effects they claim are caused by man-made global warming.

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